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Branding and corporate identity is the personification of your organization. It is a powerful statement about who you are and how you are positioned in the mind of your customer. With so many different brands vying for attention in a crowded marketplace, it requires originality, invention and risk to stand out and be noticed. Brands that are willing to be original, innovative and open to well-calculated risks are rewarded.

We ensure our clients communications work together to reinforce the organization’s brand message through every communication channel. This approach provides clear and consistent application of your branding to position your organization in the marketplace and the mind of your customers.

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Lee Brockett, Managing Director of Cascade365

Lee Brockett
Managing Director

Branding Arc are consummate professionals. They helped Cascade re-define, and promote, its online presence. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Our Branding Strategy

Branding and corporate identity projects are a collaborative process with your staff, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We assist in the entire branding process including research, discovery, creative development and execution of your strategy.

We delve deep into the branding process to help define the organization’s identity, and develop clear, concise and compelling messaging. Everything we do promotes the long-term strategy and objectives, which ensures achieving long-term success.

Creative Logo Designs

Creating artwork and copy for your brand is a process that involves your team at major checkpoint in the process. Our team guides you through the selection of fonts, colors, icons, and other design elements that will represent your organization.

Branding Arc is a full-service marketing agency. We help apply your new brand identity to your website, sales collateral, video assets, email-marketing platform, social profiles and other marketing materials and messaging.

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Let’s Talk About Your Branding Project 

Help us understand your branding goals and we will propose a customized engagement to fit your specific needs.

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What Do We Get?

While creating your brand, we create different versions of your artwork for different purposes. We provide a variety of color combinations (for light and dark backgrounds), and different sizes and formats (.ai, .eps, .png) to make sure you always have the right file for your project. We supply you with all the files to download so you always have a copy of the right version, whenever you need it.

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