Custom Business
Software Solutions

Although our name is focused on our marketing services, our team has been the driving force behind the conception, design and development of various custom software suites used by financial institutions, law firms and other financial services providers. Our team understands business, and we are the perfect partner to help build specialized solutions for driving your business forward into the future.

Branding Arc has created tools including law firm management software, vehicle registration systems, loan underwriting platforms, compliance management systems and other cloud and local based applications that are the foundation for businesses around the globe.

Custom software system integrations
ComplyARM Custom Software


Custom software applications developed by Branding Arc can be integrated into other technology systems used by your business. Integrations require cooperation and/or access to the database tables in the external system. We have developed custom software and other tools to help our clients improve their business workflows between systems and departments.


Our client is a specialty financial services lender that needed a way to capture application information, assess potential loans, complete underwriting and eventually manage the servicing of accounts through a single online system. We worked with their team to conceptualize the platform, documenting workflows and looking for opportunities for the various stakeholders that would be using the system regularly.

Compliance Management
System (CMS)

ComplyARM Compliance Management System (CMS) is an online platform designed to assist receivables management professionals with documenting and managing compliance related information. ComplyARM helps with managing vendors, licenses, insurance, security certifications and much more to keep receivables management organizations complying with the complex requirements of their industry.

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