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Video is a very effective tool for communicating information about your company, and the products and services you provide to customers. Creating quality video provides incredible flexibility for distributing video as it can be viewed on any type of device from desktops, to tablets and even smartphones.

Branding Arc can assist you with the entire video creation process from storyboard, to filming, post-production editing, finalization and distribution. Our team helps you to optimize the value of your video content, to engage your target market and drive your business objectives.

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Brand identity projects are a collaborative process with your staff, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders understand the organizations value to each. We assist in the research, discovery, creative development and execution of your selected brand strategy.

We delve deep into the branding and positioning process to help define the brand identity and develop clear, concise and compelling messages. Everything we do promotes the long-term strategy and objectives, which ultimately helps ensure achieve long-term success. We subscribe to the Branding Arc method of marketing, to help you achieve the most with your brand for the lowest costs.

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We coordinate the distribution of your video content to optimize the value of each view. Leveraging video services like YouTube and Vimeo can be helpful in distributing your content, but coordinating your video and website can provide more opportunities to brand your video content and offer you products and services to visitors that are visiting your site.

86% of business-related video views take place on desktop browsers and only 14% on mobile. Providing video content via your website is a perfect opportunity to capture the attention of viewers and provide them with clear calls-to-action to convert viewers to business opportunities.

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