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We design and develop your website optimized for mobile, search engine optimization and lead generation. We create websites as the foundation for your digital marketing creating with layouts, images, messaging, and the technology infrastructure to keep your site relevant for years into the future.

Your website is often your first point of contact with new potential customers. Their experience when first visiting your website from their computer, tablet or smartphone will directly impact their opinion of your business. Your website is your online voice, speaking 24/7 to the world about your organization and is your opportunity to share your message through text, images, video and more, through the perfect marketing medium.

Your website needs to speak to visitors with clear calls-for-action to get drive them toward achieving your website goals. Convert your visitors to business opportunities by capturing leads, selling products or spreading your brand message online.

A great website can make someone working from home look like a Fortune 500 company, a bad website has the opposite effect.”

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The Importance of Mobile Responsive

As technology has continued to evolve, less people are visiting your website from a desktop computer, and more are seeing you from tablets and smartphones. Your website needs to adapt to each of these mediums and provide a customized experience based on the type of device each visitor is using.

Google, Bing and other search engines consider mobile accessibly and speed when ranking websites in search results. We develop all our websites to be fully responsive, automatically adapting the experience to the users’ device.

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Website pictures are worth more than 1000 words

Bringing Your Website to Life with High Resolution Images

A picture is worth 1,000 words, and that is only amplified online. The quality of the images used on your site will ultimately determine how professional the site appears to visitors. With everything else being perfect, a website with poor images will struggle to convert visitors to opportunities.

When it comes to selecting images, everything needs to be considered. Composition, color, tone, subject, cropping and the fine details of each image should be examined to understand the message it will convey in the context of your website. Our library has millions of images available for us to work with in creating your online presence.

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WordPress Content Management System

The WordPress platform is an open source solution for site infrastructure. By designing and developing our websites on the WordPress platform, we enable our clients to access the back-end of their sites to add/edit content, pictures, videos and more. Using WordPress provides a solid foundation for your site that is flexible enough for a unique design and advanced add-on features.

As an open source platform, WordPress is constantly improving and does require regular maintenance and updates to keep your site safe from hackers. Maintenance can be conducted with moderate technical skill, and is part of all our hosting packages. We provide the support you need to keep your site safe and up to date.

Key Features

Show customers your commitment to security by locking your website with an SSL certificate and displaying “https” on your websites – .

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Add extra layers of security to protect you against hackers by building a strong defense around your web site.

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Post an easy to use calendar on your website to help visitors understand what events are coming up and how to participate in those events.

We offer services to monitor your website and continually improve the site based on the behavior of visitors.

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Your website content should be clear, direct with a sense of urgency and calls-to-action baked in. We can help you shape the online message to build your brand and generate business opportunities.

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Want to collect payments or sell products online? Extend your website with eCommerce and Payment Processing and turn your website into a revenue generating business tool.

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