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FFAM360 Case Study

The FFAM 360 group of companies are some of the most recognized financial institutions specializing in accounts receivable management. Our family of companies provides comprehensive solutions for business process outsourcing, accounts receivable management, healthcare revenue cycle management, and receivable purchasing and finance. The FFAM 360 group of companies has continued to be industry leaders for more than 15 years, pioneering operational and compliance advancements that have become industry standards.

Matthew Maloney, Chief Investment Officer at FFAM360

Matthew Maloney
Chief Investment Officer 

“Branding Arc created a corporate identity for us that personified our various businesses under a single brand umbrella. Their unique approach and creative talents provided us with a full-service marketing solution.”

FFAM360 Revenue Cycle Management & Capital logo
FFAM Capital Logo
CareCentric Logo
FFAM Healthcare Logo

Creating the Brand Theme

First Financial Asset Management family of companies wanted to create a new consolidated brand to illustrate their complete “360” approach to revenue cycle management and capital solutions. Our goal was to create a branding template that could be applied to all their company names giving the organizations a unified appearance through a common design thread, while also being identifiable when viewed alone.

The final design includes a circular icon that has the feeling of motion, to communicate their approach full-service approach to revenue cycle management. This icon, the clean, straight fonts and color scheme are the common design thread that is found in each of the logos within the family of companies.

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Developing the Website

The FFAM360 website is developed on the WordPress platform and is the center of the FFAM360 branding, marketing and sales efforts. This fully customized, mobile responsive site is optimized for viewing on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices. The website communicates the primary products and services offered by FFAM360 and also builds credibility for the organization.

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FFAM360 case study website design
FFAM360 business cards

Print Marketing

To support the sales and marketing efforts of FFAM360, we created various print materials to supplement existing efforts. We created static and flexible marketing materials to help further the new brand recognition, while being easily customizable for different target markets and opportunities.

  • eBook Whitepaper
  • PowerPoint Boardroom Template
  • Business Cards
  • Email Signature Artwork
  • Publication Advertisements
  • Handout Brochures

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Trade Show Booths

We worked with FFAM360 to design and coordinate the production of a series of trade show backdrops, banners and other signage to draw attention to their presence at various trade shows.

FFAM360 leveraged their website design to create a branded experience for potential customers. The images, colors and design aspects of the website are carried over to these banners creating a singular branded message.

FFAM360 Trade Show booth case study picture
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