Guru DNA Case Study

Founded 8 years ago, Guru DNA is a technology company specializing in customizing popular technology in the receivables management industry. Guru DNA designs, develops, and integrates various tools for creditors, debt buyers, collection agencies, and law firms. Through a thorough understanding of how to evaluate a business’ needs, Guru DNA is able to utilize technology systems to improve efficiency by simplifying business processes and enhancing the user experience.

Todd Lanksy - Chief Operating Officer of Resurgence Legal Group

John Everman
CEO / Founder

“As a technology company, we need to stay at the forefront of design and efficiency. Branding Arc worked with us to design a brand that illustrates who we are as a company, and they created a new website that allows potential customers to quickly understand the value we can add to their business.”

Rebranding – Living and Breathing

Guru DNA worked with our team to develop a new logo that is in sync with the focus of their company: living and breathing accounts receivable management (ARM) technology. Working together, we designed a more modern and representative logo for the company vs. their simple text former logo.

We considered their tagline, “technology is in our DNA,” when we designed and integrated the double helix with new text. We chose the double helix because it invokes a feeling of having everything an organism or company needs to develop and thrive. The comprehensive new logo illustrates that technology is at the core of every service Guru DNA provides.

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A Cutting Edge Design

The new Guru DNA website was built on the powerful WordPress platform and is fully responsive for optimized access from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Working with Guru DNA, the new website was designed around the idea of a cutting edge, technology-focused company needing a more streamlined, user-friendly, and technical website while remaining personal and informative. The use of bold images with simple, large text provides an enriched, information-focused format while the addition of a “Meet Our Leadership Team” section, complete with professional headshots and links to social media profiles, gives the website a more intimate feel. The overall result is a website with a modern feel, powerful platform, and pleasing aesthetics.

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