Invenio Financial Case Study

Invenio Financial will continue to find underserved portfolio segments, unearth opportunities, and discover maximum values. Invenio Financial is willing to discuss all types of partnership opportunities including specialized acquisition and Master Servicing.

Matthew Saperstein, SVP Business Development, Invenio Financial

Matthew Saperstein
SVP, Market Development

Adam was able to help us create the Invenio Financial brand quickly leading up to a major industry conference. Adam and the Branding Arc team are great to work with and are always available when we need them!

Invenio Financial Specialized Acquisition logo

Creating the Brand

When designing the Invenio Financial brand identity our goal was to illustrate the concept behind the chosen name. Invenio is Latin for “To find, unearth and discover”, which is exactly what the organization does. They find value in places others overlook. To bring this concept into the logo we used the circular lines around the name to symbolize the inside of a panning tray.

The final logo design has an institutional feel, while being simple and communicating a message through the symbolism.

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Developing the Website

The Invenio Financial website is developed on the WordPress platform with a fully mobile responsive design. Visitor using desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones all have their experience customized based on their device. The website has a clean institutional feel, while clearly communicating the benefits that Invenio Financial offers to its clients and partners.

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Invenio Financial case study, screenshot on mobile device
Invenio Financial sales collateral project picture

Print Marketing

To support the sales and marketing efforts of Invenio Financial, we created various print materials to supplement existing efforts. We created static and flexible marketing materials to help further the new brand recognition, while being easily customizable for different target markets and opportunities.

  • eBook Whitepaper
  • PowerPoint Boardroom Template
  • Business Cards
  • Handout Brochures

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