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Your branding and corporate identity is the personification of your organization. It is a powerful statement about who you are and how you are positioned in the mind of your customer. With so many different brands vying for attention in a crowded marketplace, it requires originality, invention and risk to stand out and be noticed. Brands that are willing to be original, innovative and open to well-calculated risks are rewarded.

We ensure our clients communications work together to reinforce the organization’s brand message through every communication channel. This approach provides clear and consistent application of your branding to position your organization in the marketplace and the mind of your customers.

Jeff Fetterhoff, President, JH Capital V.I.

Jeff Fetterhoff
President, JH Capital V.I. 

“Branding Arc started by helping us to develop the brand for our family of companies, our web presence, and now they are our outsourced marketing department. Our marketing has reached a whole new level now that our marketing people understand our unique business.”

JH Capital Group logo

Creating the Brand

We started the design process for Cascade365 with the objective of illustrating their complete approach to receivables management. The design is a combination of fonts, a carefully selected icon and a hand-drawn ‘365’ icon that pulls the design together. The logo design is complex, visually, yet incredibly simple when parts are broken down.

The logo design is completely custom and included the detailed feedback of the Cascade365 team, embedding their culture into the name, logo and other marketing materials.

Developing the Website

The new Cascade365 website is built on the WordPress platform and is fully responsive for optimized access from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Working with the Cascade365 team, we were able to organize the site information to match how their various organizations come together to over a 365 approach to receivables management.

JH Capital Group website screenshot on tablet
JH Capital Group business card template

Print Marketing

To support the sales and marketing efforts of Cascade365, we created various print materials to supplement existing efforts. We created static and flexible marketing materials to help further the new brand recognition, while being easily customizable for different target markets and opportunities.

  • eBook Whitepaper
  • PowerPoint Boardroom Template
  • Business Cards
  • Email Signature Artwork
  • Publication Advertisements
  • Handout Brochures
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