Logicoll, LLC Case Study

About Logicoll, LLC Case Study

Logicoll, LLC is a professional debt collection agency located in Lombard, Illinois. Logicoll represents creditors in the resolution of outstanding consumer credit accounts, providing the people, processes, and technology creditors need to recover past due accounts while protecting their clients’ brands and treating their consumers with respect. The company provides compliant recovery solutions for organizations that lend money or purchase outstanding receivables for originating creditors including major banks, credit card issuers, auto financing companies, fintech lenders, and more. They are a proud Certified Receivables Business by RMAI and a member of ACA International. The team at Logicoll partnered with us for marketing, website management, and social media engagement. Here are some of the ways we were able to help Logicoll fulfill its vision.

Logo Design

Branding Arc helped to create Logicoll’s brand identity. As part of that, we wanted to create an innovative look for Logicoll that would be easily recognizable across all digital and print formats. The Logicoll logo combines the intuitive, logical path one might take when looking across the design and a familiarity with working around everyone’s goals to reach the target outcome. This integrated information in one small favicon helps Logicoll stand out. Logicoll wanted to invest in a professional logo that symbolized their dedication to helping consumers resolve debt, and our team captured their idea and created a clean and beautiful logo that instantly became a part of their new company’s brand identity.

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New Accessible Website

One of Branding Arc’s many specialties is unique, accessible website development. As many consumers shift their priorities over to mobile and digital payments, Branding Arc designs websites that are flexible and allow our clients to reach every type of consumer or client looking to browse their offerings. Branding Arc developed the design, website content, and custom images on the current Logicoll site. We also provide them with fully managed website hosting. With one URL and one content source, we design responsive websites that have a fluid and flexible layout which adjusts according to screen size. We worked closely with the Logicoll team to develop a website that reflects their company’s core values and provides a fluid site that gives their consumers the financial resources and payment tools they need to succeed. As they grow, so can their website. Our continued support and evolving news content will keep the Logicoll website fresh to capture maximum search engine results page (SERP) value.

Reputation Management

From day one, Branding Arc has worked with Logicoll to develop and implement a reliable defense strategy for Logicoll’s SERP. Our SEO team has the knowledge and expertise to methodically enhance search engine results every month and ensure detailed coordination of all digital assets with a focus on interesting SEO-driven content. Maintaining the optimal reputation for Logicoll’s brand takes time, attention, and experience. Our leadership team, led by industry veteran Adam Parks, works in partnership with clients like Logicoll, providing strategic insight and reputation defense services to effectively manage and protect their online presence.

Ongoing Marketing Support

Branding Arc maintains all of Logicoll’s social media channels. We utilize our marketing expertise while promoting each client’s unique voice. As Logicoll is a relatively new company (but led by respected industry veterans), we provide marketing and social media campaigns to highlight Logicoll’s executive team, employee engagement events, their accreditations and accomplishments, their community involvement, and how they can help consumers. With professional social media managers at the helm of Logicoll’s Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn profiles, Branding Arc gives the company more time to focus on core business, the events they attend, and building client and consumer relationships.

News and Video Content

As we tie in Logicoll’s social media presence, Branding Arc also shapes their news and YouTube voice. Since our partnership began, we explored ways to show off Logicoll’s unique and experienced executive team through a series of executive spotlight articles. We published their most recent certifications and ratings and began sharing ways Logicoll could further help those contacted by their staff. As the company grew, so too did Branding Arc’s involvement as we launched Logicoll’s YouTube channel. As the largest interactive social media space, YouTube presents a unique opportunity for our clients to give more information to those seeking to understand our clients’ positions in the industry. Logicoll has videos on who they are, and how they can help consumers make a payment.

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