NCC Business Case Study

NCC Business Services cultivates consumer advocates our way, to effectively collect on debts for clients and help consumers navigate the hurdles of the debt collection process, treating people respectfully – as valued human beings – not just a number.

NCC Business Services logo

Creating the Brand Identity

The concept we developed for the NCC Business Services brand was “the missing piece”. We wanted to stress that their business was the missing piece to their clients business. The logo icon we created are odd shaped pieces put together to form a square, a very simple mosaic design. As we built on the concept, we arrived at the tagline “Solving the Recovery Puzzle” which was a very direct approach to clearly communicate their value proposition within a short tagline.

The final logo is very identifiable. The logo icon is used throughout their marketing materials to spread their brand across multiple design aspects of their sales and marketing materials.

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Developing the Website

NCC Business Services website is developed on the WordPress platform and is designed to optimize the user experience based on the type of device the visitor is using. Desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile device users are all shown optimized versions of the website content. The website is organized to showcase all the different types of credit products they have experience working, while also providing important consumer resources that clearly explain personal finance.

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