Project Description

OK Corral Gun Club Case Study

The OK Corral Gun Club is Florida’s premier outdoor shooting and recreational facility featuring North and South 29 sporting clay stands, wobble deck, cowboy action, competition park, voice activated trap and skeet, pistol, and rifle. The OK Corral Gun Club is situated on a 350-acre site formerly used for grazing cattle dating back to the early 1800’s when Okeechobee was first populated by European settlers. The Event Center houses the Crystal Saloon Banquet Hall with its antique crystal chandeliers, the Mercantile Retail Store, and the Bank for intimate dining and meetings-along with the high noon café where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors or just watch the sporting clay shooters.

OK Corral Gun Club Desktop View

Designing the Website

Designing the new website for OK Corral Gun Club was very challenging. The property is so unique, it was going to require special attention to make the ambiance of the OK Corral Gun Club be felt online. We knew we needed lots of pictures of the property and to find some new ways of displaying.

When we started designing the website, we thought about the days of Tombstone, AZ. We tried to only use visuals on the site that were true to the time. The background for the text on the pages is a “treasure map” parchment, and the distressed wood pictures used behind some of the images is the siding of one of the buildings on property. A little touch of the facility integrated into the visual design of the website.


Analytics Behind Sending Emails

The OK Corral Gun Club had been sending out emails for many years but were getting limited analytic information to help them improve the effectiveness of their messages. We assisted them in creating a MailChimp account along with some email templates pre-designed based on their website. This improved external email has helped to increase open rates, click-through rates and have made the process of managing email marketing much simpler.

Mail Campaign for OK Corral Gun Club

Videos are Worth 10,000 Words

Shooting sports videos are generally all shot from the same direction… Behind the shooter.

In working with OK Corral Gun Club, we have found new ways to demonstrate the experience of visiting the club. We have used a variety of photography and video tools to help create some promotional materials to get people excited about the opportunity to visit this magnificent facility. Using GoPro Cameras, drones, and other tricks of the trade, we have been able to produce some great content for the OK Corral Gun Club and their associated clubs.

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Supporting the Cowboy Action Shooting Sports Community

As part of our engagement with OK Corral Gun Club, we have designed and developed a one-page site for the local Cowboy Action Shooting club called the OK Corral Outlaws. This shooting club meets monthly for tournaments, shooting old west style rifles, pistols and shotguns in timed base events. To help promote the Cowboy Action Shooting community, OK Corral Gun Club commissioned the development of a website specifically to promote the sport.

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