Plaza Services, LLC Case Study

Plaza Services, LLC is a professional receivables management firm committed to providing consumers a positive experience while providing creditors with a reliable and compliant solution for selling receivables portfolios. Plaza Services develops technology, systems, and processes that exceed the receivables management industry’s highest standards. Founded in 2013, Plaza Services is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Rebranding with a New Logo

Plaza Services and Branding Arc worked together to develop a logo that invokes the feeling of a financial institution. When developing the Plaza Services logo, the team combined an interesting soft color set to establish trustworthiness and convey feelings of motion, dimension and depth.

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Sending a Clear Message Through the Website

Plaza Services engaged Branding Arc to develop their online presence, starting with the creation of their website. We designed a flexible and robust website with engaging content that guides the reader and sends a strong and clear message about the company, mission, and focus. We created the Plaza Services website on the powerful WordPress platform to be fully responsive from all devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, and smart phone. Using a simple web interface, we gave Plaza Services a simple and clean site with good use of negative space. We combined vivid images with robust content to make information easier for the user to access and to increase web visibility.

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Digital Marketing

Branding Arc is Plaza Services’ outsourced marketing team. We develop ongoing marketing campaigns that are focused on establishing Plaza Services’ brand authority and increasing search engine rankings. Through the development and management of original content, Plaza Services’ social media profiles, as well as the creation, sharing, and analyzation of SEO optimized YouTube videos, we help Plaza Services actively monitor brand reputation and drive positive search results.

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Secure Email

Handling confidential financial information, Plaza Services needed a secure email solution. We provide that through the implementation of G Suite Email. As the only TLS encrypted platform, it is trusted by the U.S. Navy, and therefore, trusted by Plaza Services. Branding Arc provides ongoing G Suite support as needed.

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