United Holding Group Case Study

United Holding Group (UHG) is operated by industry veterans with decades of experience. Their team has more than 50 years of successful experience working with financial institutions to provide an outlet for the divestiture of non-performing and partially performing assets. They pride themselves in providing unique and reliable solutions for creditors, lenders and financial institutions and for their partners.

United Holding Group Logo

Creating the Brand

The logo and branding for United Holding Group needed to be something that offered a unique icon in the logo that could be branded across multiple mediums. This new company was being started by the executives of two other businesses coming together for a joint venture, and we wanted the logo to be a subtle reflection of that.

The icon used in the new logo illustrates the connection of two businesses. The shapes provide an illusion that they are interlinked. We also illustrated the connection of two worlds in our font selection. We chose a serif and a san serif font to include in the logo giving it a simple and interesting contrast.

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Designing the Website

The design for the United Holding Group website needed to include bold images that offer sharp contrast from the minimalist white text areas. The pages are very simple and clean yet offer important information for consumers and other site visitors.

The website is responsively designed on the WordPress platform. WordPress provided a powerful foundation to build the site to include basic informational pages, a blog and other custom integrations to software tools.

United Holding Group Laptop Perspective
Call to action rocketship icon

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