VeriFacts Case Study

About VeriFacts, LLC

VeriFacts, LLC is the top employment location and verification service for the receivables management industry. Having been in business for over 30 years, they are known for their experience and trusted quality information. VeriFacts specializes in the location of consumer employment information. Over the years, their services have expanded into residential location information, data verification, and unique data aggregation. They are proud to be a Certified Receivables Business By RMAI and a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise by the WBENC. Their corporate headquarters and 100+ research specialists are located in Sterling, IL. If you’re interested in learning more visit the official VeriFacts website.

Stephanie Clark,
CEO at VeriFacts

“Partnering with the team at Branding Arc has been an incredibly value-adding step for our business development vision throughout the last couple of years. We have been able to reach a broader market more efficiently than ever before, and their services in supporting our networking efforts at industry events have been well worth the investment. We feel like we can represent ourselves accurately and with pride. We know we can feel good about our digital presence as well, which can be reached with a few simple clicks or the sharing of a link. It all helps us attract the right people on our team and to our client base because quality attracts quality.”

Company News

VeriFacts has an active and involved business presence, from conference attendance to community volunteerism. Branding Arc ensures quality crafted content continuously covers fresh company news, serving as an outsourced marketing department. We’re proud to partner with the dynamic team at VeriFacts to help them digitally represent their compassionate, on-the-go culture. In addition to helping the business share updates about their involvement, maintaining a blog/news page with quality revolving content helps to drive web traffic and increase search engine optimization. Our partnership helps VeriFacts stay at the top of the search results so clients and consumers seeking information can quickly and easily find search results with pertinent company information.

Social Media & Reputation Enhancement

Social media is an additional way we assist VeriFacts in leveraging search engine value and further enhancing their solid reputation. We manage VeriFacts’ social media accounts by consistently posting new content relevant to the business. We develop full social campaigns to promote conference attendance and company news on LinkedIn and Facebook, including custom graphic creation and strategic link building. By managing their social media, our team allows the team at VeriFacts to streamline their time and attention to the important events and activities at hand rather than image and social post creation tasks.

Update July 2022 – After several years working with the VeriFacts team, Branding Arc has worked closely to highlight key areas of the organization. From Executive Spotlights underlining the importance of good leadership to thought leadership pieces on VeriFacts’ excellent culture, Branding Arc continues to not only provide insight into the latest VeriFacts news but also underscores the impact their executive team has on the industry.

Multimedia Marketing Materials

VeriFacts offers services that are marketable to diverse client profiles, and they do an excellent job seeking opportunities for ongoing business development. We help them maximize their efforts with custom print and digital marketing materials for sharing with potential clients and partners. By listening to the company vision, we develop conference booth materials, multi-media digital pitch materials, unique business cards (including the latest contactless business card technology), and more to share during networking events and on their website.

Website Redesign and Logo Update

Branding Arc partnered with VeriFacts for a logo update and website redesign. In December 2019, company executives were looking for ways to spread awareness about their services and share their company vision with current and potential clients. They wanted to clarify their message and provide a window into their culture so prospective clients would have better insight into the company’s values. By understanding the market and their vision, Branding Arc modified site design elements and expanded content to paint a clearer picture of the company’s services and impressive culture. VeriFacts is involved in multiple community outreach efforts, so we showcased that aspect of the company in a visually appealing way on a page specifically devoted to VeriFacts Company Culture.

A Laptop showing the VeriFacts website made by Branding Arc.

Routine Updates and Ad Hoc Additions

As with all of our SEO clients, following the site overhaul, we have routinely provided additional content and design updates to ensure the website remains clear and relevant. Our SEO experts on staff methodically enhance search engine results value behind the scenes every month. As part of our marketing services, we continue to add to the site as needed. To further increase efficiency and effectiveness of conference attendance promotion, for instance, we now build custom event landing pages within the VeriFacts website for those interested in scheduling a meeting or learning more to submit contact information and messages or questions. This helps the executive team at VeriFacts streamline the coordination of contact gathering and meeting schedules in advance of events.

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