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Alliant Capital Management

Alliant Capital Management is a professional debt collection agency that provides affordable recovery services to lenders while providing consumers with the best possible experience. The Company is steadfast in its commitment to guide consumers and clients to an amicable account resolution.

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Thomas Wilcox

Owner – Alliant Capital Management

“The Branding Arc team really understood our company vision,” says Edward Lovallo. “As the marketing experts in the receivables industry, they designed our new website with a consumer-first mindset and delivered a polished, accessible, and responsive product. Through the Branding Arc marketing program, we will continue to build our relationship with the team and strengthen our positive online presence.”

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Completely Redesigned Website

Our team completely redesigned and rebuilt Alliant Capital Management’s website from the ground up to optimize their online presence as a collection agency. We rewrote the website content to better represent the high quality of the organization and their team. Pages and content were reorganized for easier navigation and to provide consumers with the information they need with the fewest user clicks and scrolls. A new consumer resources section was added to point consumers to valuable financial literacy resources and education material. The new, fully responsive website was built on the powerful WordPress platform, providing greater security, easier SEO management, and full optimization for mobile users.

ADA Accessibility

It was important to Alliant Capital Management that the new website be accessible to all. The website content, design and features are fully accessible from any device and our accessibility widget offers an additional layer of functionality to better enable accessibility tools to read and interact with the website.

Alliant Capital Management website viewed on laptop
A sign displaying "Alliant" on the side of a building, emphasizing the company's strong reputation and effective marketing efforts.

Brand New Logo

Alliant Capital Management had existing branding but desired a whole new look and feel for their logo. When redesigning the logo, we used more vibrant colors and modern typography to impart a polished and professional feeling. The result is clean and bright and features a unique, interlocking favicon that embodies their partner relationships with clients and consumers. The final product provides them with the approachable financial institution feel a collection agency strives for.

Strategic Online Reputation Management

Alliant Capital Management worked together with the Branding Arc team to deploy  an online reputation management strategy which includes an SEO content strategy, new social media accounts, and a company blog. The two teams collaborated to identify relevant content and SEO keywords that would boost positive content rankings and improve search engine visibility.

Over Alliant and Branding Arc’s working relationship, Alliant has seen a 9% increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR) to payment tools and an overall increase in organic traffic to their website. In addition, with Branding Arc managing their Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) performance, they now have complete control over the entire first page of Alliant results leading to the correct representation of their organization.

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Establishing A Stronger Brand

One of the most critical aspects of Branding Arc’s work with Alliant Capital Management lies in brand-building initiatives. These initiatives start with creating a comprehensive third-party presence that enhances all aspects of the organization. With official profiles on Receivables Info, trade organizations, and other web domains, Branding Arc can skillfully build the Alliant Capital Management brand identity online. 

This stronger brand is further enhanced by various tools including heatmaps, scroll maps, and customer experience measurement techniques to further understand users and increase CTR to payment processes. All of this is done through Branding Arc’s secure web hosting tools that ensure compliance, security, and uptime even during Alliant’s busiest payment periods.

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