Central Portfolio Control, Inc.

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Central Portfolio Control

Headquartered in Minnetonka, MN, Central Portfolio Control (CPC) is a full-service and nationally licensed collection agency focused on the recovery of distressed accounts receivable. The company manages accounts on behalf of creditor clients while maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards regarding collection activity. Since the company was founded in 1998, the CPC team has continued to grow the business by providing top-quality services to clients and creating jobs within the local community. CPC representatives are experienced and consumer-focused, taking a knowledgeable, empathetic approach to account resolution for consumer satisfaction, reliable compliance and bottom-line results. In addition to its Minnetonka headquarters, CPC’s satellite offices are located in Clearwater, MN and Nashville, TN.

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Mike Lesher

Chief Operating Officer – Central Portfolio Control, Inc.

“We’ve been partnering with Branding Arc for several years. Adam and the team are creative and knowledgeable. We rely on their website, SEO, and marketing services to manage our digital presence. This is something we consider a staple investment and the Branding Arc team has exceeded our expectations in every project.”

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Reimagined Logo and Website

In 2016, the Branding Arc team reimagined the CPC logo and website. We wanted the website to project a clean, classic tone to reflect the professional and straightforward way Central Portfolio Control does business. We clarified product offerings with an image-based layout, increasing browsing appeal and clarity for potential CPC clients.

We have continued to monitor functionality and responsiveness for evolving user needs. We boost search engine rankings with fresh blog posts and consumer-focused videos embedded to further optimize the consumer experience. In 2020, we incorporated ADA accessibility into the site. These routine improvements ensure the site stays current and reflects CPC’s dedication to industry professionalism.

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Digital Marketing and Reputation Management

We maintain CPC’s blog and social channels to leverage marketing opportunities and promote the client voice regarding community involvement, company updates, hiring opportunities, and more to keep the digital face of the company reflective of developments. This allows CPC to focus on its core business services while continuing to reach an audience of potential clients for ongoing growth.

Our team provides reliable maintenance and defense strategy for Central Portfolio Control’s search engine results page (SERP) to make sure consumers can quickly and easily access needed resources. Maintaining optimal search engine health requires time, attention, and technical knowledge. Our search engine experts have the skills and tools to manage and strategize efficiently and effectively.

A hand is pointing at a digital marketing graph, showcasing the success of a marketing campaign.

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