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Superlative RM

Founded by a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Superlative RM is a nationally licensed accounts receivable management company that holds itself to a higher standard. Maintaining a focus on compliance and the consumer experience, the company leverages state-of-the-art technology to optimize customer service and deliver bottom-line performance for creditors and debt buyers from a variety of consumer credit industries including credit card/retail card, automotive finance, consumer loans, fintech/marketplace, and healthcare. 

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Jerry Terrill

CEO – Superlative RM

“Branding Arc helped us fight back and take control of our search results.”

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Building an Optimized Website

The new Superlative RM website was designed and built on WordPress, a robust and reliable platform that delivers the power and security that SRM’s business needs demand. Original content, new images, enhanced navigation and bold calls-to-action stand out to direct clients and consumers to needed information. Dynamic web pages load quickly and content is automatically resized for easy viewing without excessive scrolling or screen manipulation.

Our SEO team was an integral part of the website build and launch. By choosing specific themes, keywords, tags, alt text, and more, the new site ranks higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) and pushes undesirable content further down the page results.

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ADA Accessibility

Superlative RM wanted to make their website accessible to all users including individuals with visual, auditory, cognitive, mobility, and other impairments. Thus, Branding Arc integrated a web accessibility tool that scans the website every 24 hours to locate and fix accessibility errors.

The ADA accessibility tool allows each visitor to adjust the site interface to meet individual needs with components such as navigational aids, screen readers, and more. Now meeting accessibility standards across the globe, the new Superlative RM website allows more users to access helpful information such as consumer resources, contact information, payment information, and more.

A man holding blocks with the word ada on them, representing a collection agency specializing in receivables.
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Reputation Management Through Digital Marketing

The Branding Arc team continues to partner with Superlative to capture maximum SERP value and manage the brand’s online reputation. We create high-quality, original marketing content that is informative and relevant to gain more exposure and improve the company’s search ranking.

Our team continuously analyzes algorithm changes and how they affect the brand’s short and long term strategy. We then adapt and implement strategies that maximize digital real estate. By continually analyzing data and metrics, we ensure that we are creating the best content that fulfills search intent, is valuable to web crawlers, and provides helpful information to consumers and clients.

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