10 12, 2012

Sleep Cycle – iOS App

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The Sleep Cycle app is one of the few phone apps that has made a significant contribution to my personal health and well being. Sleep Cycle is a special alarm clock app that provides a "window" of time in which the alarm will go off based on your state of sleep. This unique alarm clock [...]

19 01, 2012

Digits – The REAL Calculator App

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Although the iPhone and iPad come with a basic calculator, "Digits" gives you a lot of added features that make it worth the $1.99 for both your iPhone and iPad. Having a regular calculator is handy for basic functions, but having Digits can quickly turn your iPhone or iPad into your primary office calculator. Why [...]

17 01, 2012

GoodReader – The Ultimate iOS App

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Some apps are cool and others are essential, GoodReader falls into the ESSENTIAL category. GoodReader is an all-in-one solution for viewing, reading and marking all types of files. GoodReader enables users to access their data on local servers, cloud servers, FTP's and other systems giving your real mobile access to your information. Any business person [...]