Accepting Credit Cards on Your Website

Accepting payments for your ecommerce online store requires that you have a direct relationship with a payment processor. Small businesses and charities may elect to use PayPal as an option, but professional companies and higher volume shops will benefit from the direct integration a payment gateway.

Branding Arc has partnered with payment processing vendors to offer our clients discounted rates on their processing fees and to assist them through the underwriting process of being approved to accept credit cards, debit cards and online checks.

Online payment processing

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Mobile financial security

Payment Integrations

Accept credit cards, debt cards and digital checks through your online ecommerce store. Our payment processing relationships give you access to special fee rates, encrypted payment processing and quick deposit of transactions to your account.

Collecting One-Time Payments

Through our payment processing partner, we offer one-time payment forms that can be used to accept payments from anyone on your website. One-time payments are completed on the processors servers, increasing security and mitigating risks associated with accepting online payments.

Regulation-E Compliance

For our clients that are subject to Regulation-E, we can provide our proprietary Reg-E payment compliance tool to streamline the process of collecting required authorization signatures.

Online payment processing
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