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About Landmark Strategy Group, LLC

Landmark Strategy Group, LLC is a nationally licensed and bonded receivables management firm located in West Seneca, NY that specializes in passively purchasing non-performing receivables portfolios. Mark Lesinski and the rest of Landmark’s executive team have a combined total of 60+ years of experience in the ARM industry and have developed efficient and compliant processes that deliver a quick valuation, streamlined purchase, and exceptional customer service after the sale.

Mark Lesinsk,
Director of Business Development

“Our collaboration with Branding Arc has revolutionized how we engage with clients and fuel our business growth. Their mastery of digital marketing strategies opened new doors for us, empowering Landmark to extend our reach and provide exceptional value. As a passionate team member, I’m excited to be part of this great journey marked by inventive approaches and concrete outcomes.

High-Tech Website Redesign and Development

The first step in transforming Landmark’s online presence involved designing a user-centric, visually appealing website to effectively showcase the company’s expertise and service offerings. Branding Arc meticulously developed a mobile-optimized, search engine-friendly, and lead generation-focused website, laying the foundation for Landmark’s digital marketing. 

The new website included modern layouts, striking images, compelling messaging, and advanced technology infrastructure. The fully responsive design automatically adjusted the experience based on the user’s device, enhancing the user experience and improving the website’s search engine ranking.

High-resolution images played a significant role in bringing Landmark’s website to life. Recognizing the impact of visuals on visitor perception, Branding Arc carefully selected images that complemented the website’s design and conveyed the desired message. The composition, color, tone, subject, and fine details of each image were considered to ensure a cohesive and professional appearance. 

Built on the WordPress platform, the website provided Landmark with the flexibility to access the back end of their site to add and edit content, pictures, videos, and more. This open-source platform enabled seamless integration of advanced features, such as SSL security, event calendars, and search optimization, while also allowing for regular maintenance and updates to keep the site secure and up-to-date.

Content-Rich Social Profiles and Strategic Engagement

To further reinforce Landmark’s online visibility, Branding Arc crafted engaging social media profiles across platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. They developed captivating content that spotlighted Landmark’s industry knowledge, compliance, and unwavering dedication to customer service. As an essential search engine optimization tool, these professionally designed social profiles helped Landmark capture more online real estate on key search terms, including the company name.

However, creating social profiles was just the beginning. Branding Arc delved deep into the branding and positioning process to define Landmark’s brand identity. Developing clear, concise, and compelling messages, the content was effectively aligned with the company’s long-term strategy and objectives. The team assisted in building a social following by identifying appropriate targets and managing the process of developing social media relationships through strategic interactions.

Proactive Social Media Management for Optimal Results

Understanding the importance of a well-executed social media strategy, Branding Arc took a holistic approach to managing Landmark’s social media presence. With a consistent posting schedule tailored to the company’s brand identity and long-term goals, they curated content that struck a chord with the target audience, ensuring messages were clear, concise, and captivating.

In addition, Branding Arc actively assisted Landmark in forging connections with relevant social media accounts, fostering strategic interactions for mutual growth. Their hands-on management style helped to craft a personalized experience for followers and further cement the brand’s reputation for service excellence and expertise.

Leveraging social media automation and professional content creation, Branding Arc optimized Landmark’s online presence, enabling them to concentrate on their primary business activities. The outcome was remarkable, as Landmark enjoyed a substantial increase in engagement, follower growth, and brand awareness across all platforms. This all-encompassing approach to social media management guaranteed maximum impact and enduring success for Landmark’s digital marketing endeavors.

Comprehensive Sales Collateral and Print Marketing Materials

Recognizing the value of extending Landmark’s brand identity across all touchpoints, Branding Arc crafted an array of branded sales collateral and print marketing materials. These resources provided Landmark’s sales and marketing team with the tools they needed to build effective sales pipelines while ensuring a consistent, polished brand experience for clients.

From custom-branded PowerPoint Master Slide templates to professionally designed brochures and boardroom presentations, Branding Arc utilized cutting-edge design software to create materials that surpassed the limitations of standard design tools. The team’s expertise enabled them to develop impactful advertisements for print and web publications, as well as innovative business card designs that left a lasting impression on recipients.

Thanks to their partnership with VistaPrint, Branding Arc was able to seamlessly deliver top-quality printing services, offering competitive pricing and timely delivery of the final products. By providing Landmark with a comprehensive suite of print materials and sales collateral, Branding Arc ensured the company could effectively communicate its message and value proposition at industry events, boosting lead generation and networking opportunities while reinforcing a cohesive brand experience.

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