14 06, 2019

5 Tips for Improving Your Personal LinkedIn Presence

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Since gaining popularity in 2006, LinkedIn has become the primary social network for the Receivables Management industry. While Twitter is also a popular network among our peers, most industry professionals participate in LinkedIn, as many of the industry’s key players have a social presence on LinkedIn, though some are more active than others. As individuals [...]

11 02, 2013

Hootsuite Offers and Easy Way for Businesses to Manage their Social Presence

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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Google+, and more... The world of social networking offers businesses new opportunities for customer interaction and to build brand recognition. Keeping up with an engaged social presence can seem like an impossible task and many medium to large businesses have developed jobs and even entire departments dedicated to social networking. But, [...]

24 01, 2013

LinkedIn Company Profile Setup Guide

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LinkedIn is a professional social network that offers users an opportunity to create personal and company profiles to represent themselves and their businesses to interact with vendors, suppliers, clients and potential new opportunities. LinkedIn is constantly improving their social network offering new opportunities to bring these social profiles to life. Although most users spend most of [...]

6 01, 2013

Understanding How to Use Twitter

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Twitter is one of the world's most popular social networking offering users an instant way of communicating around the globe. Twitter is a "microblogging" service allowing users to post updates that can be used to communicate with other users or simply update your followers with your current mood, link, a photo or other information. Twitter [...]

5 03, 2012

What is “Klout” and Why Should I Care?

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What is Klout? Well, in the literal sense of the term "clout" is influence one person has over others. In the digital world, Klout is a free tool used to measure the social influence of an individual or brand based on their "influential reach" and how far their information spreads on networks. Klout scores social network [...]

31 12, 2011

8 Keys to LinkedIn Success

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LinkedIn is my favorite social network for business to business relationships. I constantly see blog posts and "news articles" that claim LinkedIn is nothing more than a fancy online resume service, but I completely disagree. I have never gotten a job through LinkedIn, but I have used it to open doors and create relationships since [...]