5 Reasons Having A Great Website Is Essential For Collection Agencies

5 Reasons Having A Great Website Is Essential For Collection Agencies

When a consumer receives a letter from a collection agency, often the first thing they do is Google the name of the agency to see what they find. Having a powerful website helps consumers to understand that you are a professional financial institution that should be respected. 

Here are the five key reasons having a great website is essential for collection agencies: 

1. 24/7 Online Presence

With 90% of the U.S. population accessing the internet daily and over 85% of the country accessing the internet on a mobile device, it’s vitally important that collection agencies have an online presence. Collection agencies are in a unique position of consistently engaging with new consumers and clients and thus need to be available 24/7/365 for customers to access, assess, and use their services. 

Every collection agency’s website’s first goal should be to run every hour of the day and to be accessible from any device (desktop, tablet, and smartphone). Collection agencies cannot afford to have their website fail at any hour of the day. Secure website hosting is a must. 

2. Saves You, Your Consumers, and Your Clients Time

A website isn’t just about selling your services. While collection agencies need websites that are available 24/7, it’s also essential to have a website that is functional beyond your office hours as well. A common misconception is that a website is designed only to drive traffic to your office, phone lines, or products. The website itself should save you, your consumers, and your clients’ time by providing all necessary information at the click of a button. 

For consumers, having clearly defined sections for payments, contact information, and an about section will provide answers to their most important questions when discovering your organization. For clients, having a section of your website dedicated to services and products will ensure that decisions can be made without lengthy sales pitches. 

Having a fully functional website that is both secure and well-designed can promote your organization at all hours of the day and save each party time as they gain the information they need for more informed decisions and further conversations. 

3. Websites Are Becoming A Regulatory Necessity

The digital age is upon us in full force. With the advent of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Regulation F changes and an increased reliance on email and text communication with consumers, collection agencies must have a website to accompany their services. Websites, and specifically online payment portals, provide an avenue for consumers to easily and compliantly opt-in for paperless communication, enable recurring payments, and make bulk payments, saving your agency time and resources. 

In addition, with an increasing dependency on consumer-focused services, collection agencies should consider providing access to financial literacy resources, additional payment options, and ways to submit complaints or feedback. These additional resources and services provide the needed credibility, trust, and transparency for your consumers and clients. 

4. Helps Build New Leads and Clients

Collection agencies big and small are turning toward receivables industry trade organizations for help becoming more compliant, better educated, and networking. After attending industry events and meeting potential clients, having a strong website is a necessity for future partnerships. Websites can become your online store, office, or showroom at a very minimal cost.

As you work to market your agency for future business, ensure your organization’s voice and vision are represented on your website. A website should have a clear URL, be easy to navigate and load each page while providing those visiting with clear and easy-to-understand information. Show off your company’s certifications, accreditations, and services to market your agency correctly. 

5. Reputation Management

An unfortunate necessity for the accounts receivable management industry, reputation management can be largely accomplished through a well constructed and updated website. As your organization builds credibility and trust through your site, it’s imperative that first impressions are positive as new consumers discover your organization. A well-designed website provides relief for both you and the consumer as you work toward a positive, long-term relationship. 

Internally, websites also provide an excellent source of continuous SEO value. Optimizing what consumers and clients see when they search for your organization is a key part of data-driven marketing and audience targeting. A continuously refreshed website, along with a news/blog section that is updated regularly, can provide the needed boost your collection agency needs to stay ahead of any increased ARM industry litigation efforts

Having a great website is a necessity in 2022 for collection agencies of all sizes. Ensuring that you are creditable, reliable, and trustworthy begins with a securely-hosted, and well-designed website. Protect your reputation, boost your client numbers, and help your consumers toward account resolution by providing a one-stop shop for all of their individual needs.

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