ADA Accessible Websites for Receivables Firms and Collection Agencies

ADA Accessible Websites for Receivables Firms and Collection Agencies

A wheelchair symbol on a laptop screen to illustrate accessible websites.

Receivables firms and collection agencies need user-friendly websites that are accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessibility ensures that every website is effectively navigable. Making your website ADA-compliant protects your business from legal issues, boosts customer satisfaction, and improves your bottom line. 

In this blog, we will explore ADA importance, how it benefits your business, and steps to achieve compliance. We will also cover how an accessible website can increase payment collections and meet creditor expectations. Let’s examine why you must incorporate ADA regulations into your business strategy

What is ADA Accessibility? 

The ADA prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including online. Your website needs to be usable by people with disabilities, such as visually and hearing impaired. This means implementing features that allow everyone to navigate and interact with your website. 

Statistics show that images are the leading cause of non-compliance: 56% of web images aren’t available to people with visual impairments, 93% of domains have at least one page with an inaccessible image, and 60% lack alternative text.

Why ADA Accessibility Matters

Legal Requirement 

ADA compliance is mandatory; ignoring it can lead to lawsuits and fines. For example, Domino’s Pizza faced legal action because its website and mobile app weren’t accessible to screen reader users. The lawsuit indicates barriers such as very little alternative graphics text, hyperlinks without text to show why the link is there, and more. 

The court ruled that ADA requirements apply to online services linked to physical locations. Businesses must provide aids and services to make visual materials available to those with disabilities so that everyone receives the same treatment. 

Increase Payment Collections

Accessible payment portals make it easy to complete transactions online. When your website meets ADA standards, it’s easier for individuals with disabilities to navigate payment processes without roadblocks. This has the potential for higher completion rates of online transactions. When users find it simple to make payments, the likelihood of abandoned transactions decreases, directly boosting your collections.

Meet Creditor Expectations

Creditors expect seamless online interactions. An accessible website demonstrates progressive, customer-focused efforts to build trust and long-term relationships. Ensuring every consumer can understand your website without barriers reflects well on your firm or agency’s commitment to inclusivity and modern business practices. 

Enhance User Experience

Providing an accessible online experience is crucial and ensures everyone, no matter their abilities, can quickly navigate and use your services. Offering a user experience similar to online banking platforms makes it easier for consumers to manage their finances.

Improve Consumer Inclusion

ADA accessibility is not solely about compliance; it involves creating an inclusive environment where all consumers can engage with your services. By making your website easy to use, you can serve all your customers equally, build a positive reputation, and earn consumer trust.

Mobile Preferences

Many consumers prefer to manage their finances on the go, so it’s crucial to ensure your website is accessible on mobile devices. A comprehensible mobile website empowers users to access your services without hindrance, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction.

How to Achieve ADA Accessibility

Use an Accessibility Scanner

Regularly check your website with an accessibility scanner. Tools like the one Branding Arc offers help you identify and solve problems before they become legal issues. These scanners find missing alt text, improper heading structures, and inadequate color contrasts.

Implement Accessibility Tools

Equip your website with features that allow users to change it according to their needs, such as adjustable text size and screen reader compatibility. If users can customize their browsing experience to their specific needs, your website will be seen as more trustworthy and encourage people to engage with your website. 

Seek Professional Help

Expert assistance can amplify your ADA compliance efforts and ensure every box is ticked. Professionals provide insights into best practices to meet industry standards. They can also guide you through the process of confirming that your website meets legal requirements and is very user-friendly.

Conclusion: Making ADA Accessibility a Priority

Websites represent your business just as much as a physical location, often even more so. Accessibility is a hidden problem unless a disgruntled user or legal troubles bring it up. Why wait until then? 

By making your website accessible, you comply with the law, open your services to a broader audience, enhance user satisfaction, and potentially increase your revenue. The benefits you gain from ensuring online accessibility far outweigh the investment. 

Understanding ADA regulations, implementing the right tools, and seeking professional help can create an inclusive online environment for your consumers. Make ADA accessibility a priority today and set your firm apart as a leader in customer-centric financial services. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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