How To Deploy Translation Services for Your Collections Website

How To Deploy Translation Services for Your Collections Website

How To Deploy Translation Services For Your Collections Website

Offering multilingual options on collections websites is becoming increasingly crucial. Especially in the debt collection industry, where every specific detail matters to both clients and consumers, having a robust translation service is paramount. 

Luckily, there are only two fundamental paths to follow when discussing web translation services; Your website provider will either deploy a widget translation service baked into your website’s backend, or you can deploy a second website focused solely on a new language.

Methods of Translation Services Deployment 

The first and easiest to understand is the simple widget. Inherently, your website runs many widgets on the backend to keep up with your website’s day-to-day activities. Everything from SEO to page speed can be tracked and monitored by a series of involved widgets. Typically, the frontend user never sees the widgets in action, unless they are specifically geared for the consumer like an ADA accessibility widget

Fortunately for most collection services, translating an entire website can be left up to a Google Translate widget. This widget automatically will translate the entire site to Spanish, French, or any other language selected by the consumer. The upside is this translation service typically costs clients no additional fees as it is an on/off switch on the backend. The downside, and it’s a rather large one, is that the client cannot control the wording of the translations. 

As we all know, many words get lost in translation. Should a word or phrase not easily translate into the target language, there can be complications with misinterpreted text. 

The second form of translation, which directly targets the downside of Google widgets, is deploying a second site from scratch. Obviously, the shortcomings of this method are simply time and cost, but the benefits could be worth it for those working primarily in other countries or with language barriers. 

This second site is a direct copy of the current site but translated correctly to whatever language is picked. This offers additional customization options like specifically worded text, different photos for a different target demographic, and more. Aside from cost and time, this second site will also require annual upkeep and any other maintenance a typical site requires. 

So… What Do You Choose? 

Deploying translation services on collections websites is pivotal for reaching a diverse global audience and enhancing user engagement. The choice between a simple widget and a fully translated secondary site depends on the organization’s budget, audience demographics, and the importance placed on linguistic accuracy and user experience. By carefully considering these factors, hopefully, the decision can be made easier and can effectively expand your reach and impact in the digital landscape of cultural collections.

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