Citrix GoToMeeting Offers Alternative to Business Travel

Citrix GoToMeeting Offers Alternative to Business Travel

GoToMeeting Trip

With clients all around the country, travel becomes a major part of operating your business. Running between airports, rental car agencies, and living out of your suitcase can be fun and exciting early on, but over time it starts to take its toll. Nothing will ever replace traditional ways of building relationships, but when you can’t physically be in your client’s office, GoToMeeting is a great alternative.

My Weekly Virtual Trip Around the Country

Yesterday, I got to travel all around the country via GoToMeeting. I started the morning with east coast meetings, beginning a new project with a client in Boston, MA. After that I met with a group in Fort Wayne, IN to teach a Google for Work training class where I presented a PowerPoint presentation and video chat, then fielded questions with a live screen sharing session. In the afternoon I presented to two more new potential clients in Seattle, WA and San Diego, CA. I eventually finished my day in the midwest handing a technical support call in St. Paul, MN. Within seconds of finishing that last GoToMeeting, I was back home with my family in sunny South Florida. Without GoToMeeting I never could have had such productive meetings across the country in just one day.

Effective Virtual Meetings

GoToMeeting is a great platform for hosting virtual meetings and conference calls with clients, partners or internal staff no matter where they are. Conference calls are often unproductive, but adding the additional connectivity of GoToMeeting can breath life into your virtual meetings. GoToMeeting can be used effectively for different types of meetings you may need to hold including:

Client Presentations

GoToMeeting is a great tool for presenting your products and services to new potential clients without having to travel across the world to get your point across. Presenters can display a presentation, share their screen and even chat in the side pane. Meetings can be recorded to keep a record of what was agreed to, or to listen later and further refine your sales pitch.

Internal Meetings

Using GoToMeeting for internal conference calls can help to get everyone on the same page quickly. The ability to share your screen, present prepared materials or even review dashboards and reports from other systems will keep participants engaged in the conversation.

Support Calls

Fielding technical support calls over the phone can be challenging. Callers often can’t communicate the problem clearly, and being able to see their screen can help to quickly get to the root of the problem. Any meeting participant can share their screen and participants can even allow the meeting host to take control of their keyboard and mouse giving them full control over their computer.

GoToMeeting Apps (iOS, Android)

Meeting participants can access a virtual meeting from any device with an internet connection. GoToMeeting offers access via a small downloadable application on PC and Mac or via apps on Android or iOS. Participants can connect from any device to participate in the conference call audio, screen share presentation and even the video conferencing.

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