Whiteboarding with IdeaPaint

Whiteboarding with IdeaPaint

Branding Arc using IdeaPaint whiteboards

Using whiteboards to lead meetings and discussions has always been one of my strong suits. I find whiteboards to be a great way to explain and simplify complex concepts. They allow you to tell stories and interact with other participants, and most importantly, they allow you to memorialize meeting discussions. Throughout my career, I have been a proponent of having a good meeting space to conduct productive meetings… Nothing wastes more time than unproductive meetings run by people that like to hear themselves talk.

Getting by with Little Boards

My home office has always been covered in a mix of whiteboards that I have acquired through the years. Most of them 2.5ft x 3ft, and since I use them mostly to think and to jot notes and ideas during calls, they work just fine. But when we opened the new Branding Arc office in downtown West Palm Beach, FL we wanted something more interactive, something we could use for extended sessions with clients and staff.

After researching the cost of hanging huge whiteboards, I knew there had to be a better way. I stumbled across IdeaPaint who said they had a whiteboard paint that could be spread on my walls to make them into one giant whiteboard. It sounded like an interesting idea, but I was skeptical. I don’t know what was bothering me, I guess it just sounded too good to be true.

I started reading through the reviews, and they were mixed. People either loved it or hated it. But when I started reading through the negative reviews I realized something, these people were not following the instructions. I watched the YouTube video from IdeaPaint, and it didn’t look that complicated, but I could see where people might be making mistakes.

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When in Doubt, Hire a Professional

I know myself well enough to know I should not be painting anything. I am sure I would have found a way to make a mistake, instead I reached out to IdeaPaint for help. The representative assured me the process was very simple, and that they could recommend a painter that has experience with IdeaPaint to come to the office and take care of everything. I quickly jumped at the opportunity, took down the number and called the painter.

Within a few days he came to the office to quote the job, and was back a few hours later to get started. He measured how high and low I could comfortably write on the wall, taped it off and began mixing up the IdeaPaint. Within a few hours, he had finished painting and now we just had to wait for the wall to cure. We had not moved into the office yet, it was not much of a problem, but it does take about a week to really harden.

ideapaint installation collage

ideapaint installation collage

Buy the IdeaPaint Markers, They Are Worth It

Once the wall hardened and was ready for use I was really excited to get started. While the wall was curing we had moved into the office and now everything was in place to get started. When the time finally came to the first meeting we were ecstatic and filled up most of the available wall space in a few hours of brainstorming. Ideas were free flowing and life was good. We used the IdeaPaint markers and although they are a little thick, and only come in 3 colors, they are the only markers I will use.

Many of the negative reviews I had read during my original research was many of the complaints revolved markers not erasing and leaving trains of what had previously written. IdeaPaint warns you about the possibility of other brands of markers leaving trails! Just read the warning and use their markers. I have used our conference rooms, boards regularly for about a year and there is not one trace of old markers on the wall. One of our office neighbors had IdeaPaint installed in their office about the same time as us.

IdeaPaint is Awesome

Using IdeaPaint as a replacement for standard whiteboards has worked out really well for Branding Arc. Clients and visitors enjoy visiting our offices, and having IdeaPaint around the room provides us with a great tool to run productive meetings. We have not had any problems, and have referred many of our clients and friends to try out IdeaPaint for themselves.