Quicklytics – iOS App

Quicklytics – iOS App


Google Analytics has been my website traffic system of choice for many years now because it is free and it offers a robust set of tracking features, flawless AdWords integration and even offers real-time reporting.

The one drawback to the system had been that I could not easily check website traffic from my iPhone and the iPad apps available were less than helpful. I could easily access the reports from my desktop computer but when I was running around or meeting with clients their website traffic data was not readily accessible.

Quicklytics offers an affordable solution and provides the ability to review detailed traffic, demographic and marketing information from any iOS device. Competing apps only provide limited access to information but Quicklytics format enable easy review of multiple websites quickly, making it a great solution for web designers and developers.

This great app is available in the Apple Store for $1.99 including both the iPhone and iPad versions. I use both and get great responses from clients when showing them their websites traffic patters through Quicklytics.

If you actively check the traffic on your website and use an iPhone or iPad I highly suggest buying this app. Any Google Analytics user will find this app very useful.