5 Tips for Shooting with the GoPro Camera

5 Tips for Shooting with the GoPro Camera

Tips for shooting with a GoPro camera

GoPro cameras are such a great new tool for taking incredible high-definition videos from unique points of view. GoPro sells a variety of mounts for their small camera to securely place your camera in new and exciting places easily. The quality of the videos captured is surprising clear even underwater!

1. Invest in a Few Mounts

Use GoPro mounts to keep your camera attached to a surface and steady for optimal video performance. We have played around with holding the camera while walking and swimming, but thought the video produced was too jumpy and made viewers ill. When we took similar videos in similar conditions but with the camera mounted, the videos produced are of a far higher stability and quality. Some of the mounts are expensive, but having the right mount for the job will make a big difference when you see your final video. GoPro has many different types of mounts for different purposes including:

Automotive Mount

This is a great mount for all types of purposes. It may be labeled as “automotive” but we have used it to mount the camera to a number of different things, including fiberglass surfboards, skimboards, walls, doors, and anything else with a flat surface that it can be suctioned to. The mount has different attachments that enable you to get 360 degree camera angle opportunities.

Head Strap Mount

If you want to get the point of view of the wearer, the head strap mount is perfect. This simple stretching headband mount puts the camera in the center of the wearer’s forehead and fits over scuba or paintball masks – making the video experience hands free. This is one of the less expensive and more useful of the available mounts.

Assorted Adhesive

The assorted grab-bag of mounts offers so many different filming opportunities to mount your camera to any flat or curved surface. The assorted bag also includes other parts and extensions to enhance your other mounts. If you’re working with a GoPro, the assorted grab-bag is an essential part of your tool box.

Better Safe than Sorry

If you are going to be using your camera in a place where it can easily be lost (like in the ocean or on your car driving down the street) take every precaution not to lose your equipment. Even if you’re just going to be playing around in the waves, be sure to add a floating waterproof back to your camera case to enhance your chances of finding it if the mounting system fails.  After shooting the video below, we used the orange floating device to find the camera after dropping it in the ocean while attempting to remount it to a surfboard.

2. Bring a Small “GoPro Tool Box”

If you are going out for the day with a GoPro camera, bring a small tool box or bag to carry all your mounts, pieces, and parts. There are a few simple things you should have with you to make your day far easier and more productive.

  • Mounts and accessories
  • Nail polish remover (to remove pesky mounted adhesives) 
  • Screwdriver
  • Microfiber screen wipes
  • Hand towel
  • Extra memory cards

3. Get a 32GB or Larger SD Card

It might sound like overkill, but a 32 GB card provides about 8 hours of 720p HD video recording time, which is more than enough for most one day adventures. 32GB SD memory cards will outlive the battery and ensure that you capture all the cool shots you work so hard to create. If you already invested in the camera and mounts, the SD card is a must.

4. Keep it Steady!

The hardest thing to do with the GoPro is to KEEP IT STEADY! Of all the footage we have shot, the video captured while using the mounts provided us with the best scenes for editing. If you are going to hold the camera, try to move and pan slowly so the end result is not an unwatchable, jumpy mess.

5. Constantly Wipe the Lens (Especially if in water)

This is a big one that often goes unnoticed, until you watch the video. If you are shooting in the water be sure to constantly wipe the water droplets off of the lens. All of your footage could be unusable if there are large water droplets blocking all the action. Be sure to keep the lens clear of water and dirt to get the best possible videos at the end.


The GoPro camera is an incredible tool that is only limited by the power of your imagination. The SyiFi channel shoots the entire show “Haunted Highway” using nothing but GoPro cameras – and a number of reality shows use them because of the high quality of the video. Take your camera out and try as many new things as you can think of.

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