How Logo Files Are Delivered & Work

How Logo Files Are Delivered & Work

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Branding and corporate identity are the personifications of your organization. Designing a logo for your brand is the first official step into how the world sees your business. Once your logo is designed, presented, and ready for use, your business can start building brand recognition and trust. But when working with a marketing agency, it’s important to understand how logo files are delivered and how they work. 

Making the Logo for Your Brand

Brand logos are a powerful statement about who you are and how you are positioned in the mind of your customer. With so many different brands vying for attention in a crowded marketplace, it requires originality, invention, and risk to stand out and be noticed. 

Branding Arc ensures our client’s communications work together to reinforce the organization’s brand message through their logo. This approach provides a clear and consistent application of your branding to position your organization in the marketplace and in the mind of your customers. 

When we provide the client with their logo, we deliver three versions of the logo: positive, negative, and alternative color options. Our positive logo file contains the proper colors of your brand’s logo. The negative is a white, or monotone variant. The alternative is a set of logos that are color swapped to be more versatile on varied background colors. 

The Logo Card

When those three variations are delivered, Branding Arc will also provide a detailed logo card that demonstrates those three versions on different backgrounds. Because you can’t always control how your logo will be displayed via your partners, clients, or customers, it’s important to have a versatile logo. 

The logo card will break down each individual color or color gradient presented in the logo while providing detailed font information, so your future marketing materials can match the font exactly, rather than playing around with over 10,000 fonts before finding a match. 

Various Formats

When it’s time to deliver the official logo files, Branding Arc will deliver each version of the logo in multiple formats to ensure that every time your logo is needed, the right size, file type, background, and color are all correctly labeled and available. 

Branding Arc focuses on three key formats: PNG, EPS, and AI. PNGs are created in a wide variety of sizes from 150 pixels to 1000px. We can provide logo sizes moving in increments of 100px to match the perfect size for any use including Glassdoor, Indeed, and other web profiles. 

EPS files are vector files for high-quality printing and marketing materials. Branding Arc provides your logo in an EPS format so that other graphic designers are able to edit, manipulate, and print your logo as your organization sees fit. These master files are vital for ensuring your organization can iterate and innovate your logo whenever a transition is needed. 

Our AI files, or Adobe Illustrator files, are the master files for your logo. The original artwork and design are given to each client, so they may request alterations or changes on an as-needed basis. While the EPS files give graphic designers a master file for high-quality printing, Branding Arc provides the original AI files to ensure that no client is left wondering what happened to the original design. 

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