Google Analytics – Measure Visitor Behavior

Google Analytics – Measure Visitor Behavior

Google Analytics traffic measurement

Creating an excellent website does not end when you launch the site. Once your website is up and running, it is important to track and measure the behavior of users that visit your website. Understanding how visitors use your website allows you to improve your site to convert more visits into online sales or leads.

Google offers website owners a free tool that can be installed into any website that collects information about your visitors and how they found your site. The information can be reviewed through the Google Analytics reporting platform. The Google Analytics tool also ties in directly with your Google AdWords account to assist in measuring the true value of your Google advertising campaigns.

Google Analtyics is free to use, easy to setup and gives you accurate “real-time” information about your websites performance. You can customize report dashboards to quickly see the information that is important to you. The reporting dashboards are easy to use and allow you to drill down deeper into the data to better understand what users are doing and why.

When you first launch a new website there are key statistics you can review to understand your sites performance:

  1. # Unique Visits How many unique visitors are visiting your website?
  2. Visitor Source – How are these visitors finding your website? (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing,
  3. Keywords – Which keywords are visitors searching on Google to find your website?
  4. Pages Visited – Which pages of your website are being visited?
  5. Location of Visits – Where are the people located that are visiting your website?

Collecting and understanding this information can be the difference between your websites success and failure. Google Analytics can even integrate in numerous ways with social networking sites and other online tools to keep track of your wider digital world.

At Branding Arc we integrate the Google Analytics platform into every website that we build giving our clients immediate access to real time traffic information on the day the site launches. Google Analytic is such an important tool for your website that we will be writing more about specific features in the future.