Branding Arc Donates $5,000 to Stop Abuse Charity

Branding Arc Donates $5,000 to Stop Abuse Charity

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Branding Arc, a digital marketing firm based in Port Saint Lucie, Florida is proud to announce our donated gift of $5,000 for Stop Abuse Powered by Spectrum Puppets. Through our relationship with The Milana Family Foundation we were referred to the Stop Abuse team to assist them with building a new website to help them spread the word about their program.

“Our team started reading through the materials for their new website and we saw how effective this program has been within their local area. Stop Abuse is responsible for more than 185 arrests of child sexual predators just in their immediate area and we knew we could help to spread the word through a powerful website” said President Adam Parks. “We immediately saw the value in their program and decided that we needed to participate in the solution”.

“We know that our donation is going to good use and will have a direct impact on getting this program in front of more children” said Vice President Alicia Parks. “The Stop Abuse program has a powerful message to share and we are excited to help them continue to reach even more children.”

About Stop Abuse

Stop Abuse was formed in 1986 to prevent child sexual abuse through education, detection and referral. The potential for this kind of abuse exists for children of every gender, age, race, ethnicity, background, socioeconomic status and family structure. No child is immune.

Reports further indicate that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 7 boys will have experienced sexual abuse by the time they are 18 years old. Because it is estimated that only 10% of child victims actually report the abuse and 93% of the victims know their abuser, and Stop Abuse feels; that is crucial to bring attention and awareness to this epidemic.