Branding Arc Selects Adobe Creative Cloud as Primary Software Suite

Branding Arc Selects Adobe Creative Cloud as Primary Software Suite

At Branding Arc we have the opportunity to work on all types of projects including web, print, multimedia (video and audio) so we need professional grade software for each task to enable us to bring our ideas reality. Adobe Creative Cloud is a suite of design and development software that works together for professional grade projects including web, app, print and multimedia components. In the past we have used the stand-alone versions of various Adobe projects, but with the 2012 launch of Creative Cloud we are now able to stay up to date with the latest release of each software on the day it is released to the public.

Adobe Creative Cloud gives our creative team the ability to capture inspiration whenever and wherever it strikes. The creative process rarely takes place in the office and the Adobe Creative Cloud solution allows us to use our smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers to create the best project possible each time. Adobe has iOS and Android apps available to help enhance the creative process and work seamlessly into your existing workflows. These apps are an additional expense, but purchsing 3 or more apps gives you a full free month of the Adobe Creative Cloud service.

What Come with Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud provides professional quality web design, development, photography, animation, video, and audio editing software. Individual application works seamlessly with the others and although it is a cloud based service, an internet connection is not required to use the desktop software.

In addition to the desktop software included Adobe Creative Cloud also integrates with the Adobe Touch Apps (Photoshop, Proto, Kuler, and Ideas) to enhance your creative experience. Adobe Creative Cloud also includes some new web based tools that Adobe has recently released including Adobe TypeKit, Edge Animate and other incredibly powerful tools.


Branding Arc has been proud Adobe Creative Cloud users since the product release in 2012. As look forward to using this Adobe software suite to power our creative business using at least one application on every project we create. Adobe Creative Cloud gives Branding Arc to execute any project we can dream for our clients and we will be continuing our relationship with Adobe indefinately.