No, We Cannot Create That in MS Word

No, We Cannot Create That in MS Word

Microsoft Word is a great universal word processing program that can be used for all types of projects. MS Word has become the business standard for creating letters, contracts, proposals and all types of other documents. BUT it is not a graphic design program. It is a great tool for many business purposes, but it has limited design features which in turn limits our ability to customize the project designs.

When we create new projects for our clients, we use specialized graphic design software including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign giving us complete flexibility over the layout, graphics in your project. This flexibility is what allows us to make your new marketing materials attractive and effective. Branding Arc has chosen to use the Adobe Creative Cloud for our designing needs because it provides the most robust design tools available. Adobe Creative Cloud includes all of the tools we need to produce professional print and web designs for our clients.

Designs in MS Word format are limited in the way they can be laid out on the page. MS Word does not allow for borderless printing and can limit the graphic quality of the images used in your project. Images and other graphic elements often cannot be used or cannot be given the same stylistic features that would be available via Adobe Creative Cloud’s professional design software.

The Downside of Not Using MS Word 

The biggest drawback to not using MS Word is that our clients cannot change the content of their brochures, fliers and presentations without the specialized Adobe Creative Cloud software. The software suite is available to anyone for $50/month/user, and although advanced computer users can usually find their way around the software quickly, small businesses with minimal graphic design needs often cannot justify the price of the amount of time that needs to be invested to become fluent with using the software.

Branding Arc offers project updates to our clients, even after the project has been completed. We charge nominal fees for continued updates to your projects based on your agreement terms at the time of the initial project.

If you have any projects you would like updated, we are happy to help. But unfortunately, we are unable to convert your project to MS Word.