Digits – The REAL Calculator App

Digits – The REAL Calculator App


Although the iPhone and iPad come with a basic calculator, “Digits” gives you a lot of added features that make it worth the $1.99 for both your iPhone and iPad. Having a regular calculator is handy for basic functions, but having Digits can quickly turn your iPhone or iPad into your primary office calculator.

Why Upgrade to Digits Calculator

The most notable feature is the calculator tape that shows you all the calculations you have entered. Digits allows you to modify your tape (if you entered something incorrectly) and it automatically updates the calculations. You can even, print, share or save your calculator tapes for future reference. Digits also offers tools for more complex calculations including Pi, exponents, square roots, cube roots and logarithms. The advanced functions available through Digits makes it a real replacement for carrying a calculator on the road.

The tape is what really sets this calculator apart. The ability to manipulate previous calculations can save you a lot of time either at work or in the classroom. I use this app on a daily basis and find the tape feature to be key. For anyone doing any type of complex calculations on their iOS device, this app is a must!

Download Digits from the iTunes App Store.