Integrating Google Apps with Mobile Devices

Integrating Google Apps with Mobile Devices

Integrating google apps with mobile devices

The Google Apps business platform including email, calendars, contacts, documents and more integrates perfectly with all of your mobile devices magnifying the power of this incredible business tool. Although any email system can be accessed from your mobile device, Google Apps provides synchronization of your digital identity between all of your computers and mobile devices in real time meaning each email you read on your mobile device will also register as read on your other devices and computers. Calendar appointments set online (or through MS Outlook) will appear on your phone.

Should I Let My Employees Connect from Mobile Devices?

This is a question that needs to be answered by each individual company planning on deploying Google Apps. Every company understands their own security needs and can customize security settings based on those needs.

There are many benefits to allowing your staff to connect to their business email while out of the office because in our digital age the office extends beyond your physical desk and office hours happen when the work needs to be completed. Google Apps gives employers a variety of tools to control the security of your company data on employee mobile devices including the ability to wipe devices clean of company data if an employee is terminated or the device is lost. This additional feature does ease the minds of some employers scared that their staff may leave with all of the company contacts on their mobile device.

Sync with iPhone & iPad

Connecting your Apple device with Google Apps will keep your important information synchronized including your email, calendar, and contacts. Syncing this information with Google Apps ensures that the information is not gone if your device is ever lost or stolen. It exists in the cloud and should your device be destroyed you can simply replace the device, connect it back to your Google Apps account and repopulate your phone with your important information.


Sync with Android

Google Apps perfectly integrates into Google’s Android mobile platform connecting your phone to your Google Apps account seamlessly. Android devices will automatically sync your email, calendar, contacts, and other information directly with your mobile device giving you complete access to your information from wherever you are.


Additional Google Apps for iOS & Android

To extend your Google Apps functionality to your mobile device you are also going to want to download a few free apps from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Google provides some incredible apps that really increase your ability to use Google tools while on the move.

Google DriveGoogle Drive

Google Drive is an app that enables you to access files stored on your Google Apps cloud drive from anywhere you have internet access. The Google Drive app gives you the ability to access important documents or upload new documents and images created on your mobile device.

Google PlusGoogle+

The new Google+ app gives you mobile access to your Google+ social networking profile including the ability to check-in, update statuses, upload pictures and videos or see what your friends are up to via status updates or video conferencing “hang-outs“.

Google Chrome IconGoogle Chrome

This unique browser offers incredible integration with Google Apps on the desktop and recently on iOS and Android devices. Google Chrome is a great way to sync your bookmarks with your mobile devices and if you trust Google enough, maybe even your passwords.


Although the Mail function on your phone is perfect for everyday email usage, sometimes you need to access an email from your archives and it helps to have the Gmail app available and ready for your phone when you need it.

Google Voice

If you have a Google Voice phone number setup, you should definitely have the Google Voice app installed. The Google Voice app for iOS gives you access to text messages, voicemails and other phone features right from your mobile device including the ability to make calls over wifi networks.

Google+ Local

If your business is on Google Places, you may want to play around with this app. Google+ Local allows you to write Google Places recommendations for establishments using your Google account.


Google Apps offers a great way to manage your email, calendars, contacts and other important business information via your web browser, mobile device or your favorite email client (i.e. MS Outlook).

Google Apps integrates seamlessly into Android & Apple mobile devices through your mobile devices pre-installed apps (i.e. mail, calendar, contacts) as well providing a number of different proprietary apps for more robust syncing and access to Google tools not included in your regular email sync (i.e. Google Drive, Google Voice, etc.).