PDF Doubled (i & l) on Documents

PDF Doubled (i & l) on Documents


Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most versatile digital document formats used for all types of purposes. Branding Arc produces our final print deliverables in PDF format to provide the highest resolution possible for our clients to have our work printed professionally. PDF documents may also be used on websites as a downloadable brochure or ebook giving customers a clean way to print important information from and sales material from your website.

On occasion clients have mentioned that they are seeing double lines on the letters i & l when viewing their PDF documents. After researching the situation we found that there is a default setting within Adobe Acrobat that causes this display error on the text within documents. This issue can be easily fixed by changing the setting listed below:

Fixing the Double (i & l) in PDF’s

  1. Click Edit -> Preferences
  2. Select Page Display
  3. Uncheck Enhance Thin Lines.

Once you uncheck the “enhance thin lines” button, close the document and reopen it. When the PDF document reopens, the text will be updated and can be viewed exactly as it will print. This issue does not affect all users, and when users are affected, the error cannot be seen in printed versions.