Securely Transferring Data Files with ShareFile

Securely Transferring Data Files with ShareFile


How do you transfer sensitive data back and forth with your clients? Emailing files is not really a secure method of data transfer even if you password protect the sensitive information and send the password in a separate email. Not to mention the amount of time it takes to prepare all these “secure” emails.

If you have been looking for an easier and more secure way to transfer data files, a new solution is now available. ShareFile (recently purchased by Citrix) offers a secure data transfer portal that enables companies to load files and securely transmit them to customers and clients. The ShareFile system is certified SAS70 type II and utilizes secure Amazon servers to keep your data safe.

ShareFile Customized File Transfer Portal

Each ShareFile portal is customized with your company’s logo and color scheme to brand your portal and login page. The customized look really impresses clients and you can design your portal to make it look similar to your official company website.

ShareFile is a very easy system to use for both your employees and customers. ShareFile offers some great desktop tools to improve performance and convenience. ShareFile offers a plugin for Microsoft Outlook, desktop widget, drive mapping, FTP, SFTP and desktop syncing in addition to their great online interface.

ShareFile even allows you to add a login box right on your own website! You can either put a link on your site to the ShareFile login page (see ours as an example) or embed a login tool right into your site (see one of our examples).

Mobile Tools

Your secure portal can also be accessed via the ShareFile iPhone, iPad or Android app that is available from the iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace. These apps work great and are very useful if you spend a lot of time on the road.

The mobile apps provided by ShareFile are free to download and use for anyone with a ShareFile subscription.

Customer Service

One thing that I have to mention about ShareFile is their customer service. When they say that they have “world class customer support” they really mean it! Any time that our company or one of our clients has needed some help, the ShareFile customer support team is always ready. I do not give customer service compliments very often, but in my opinion they are the best at what they do!


The ShareFile service is very competitively priced in comparison to their competition. With plans starting at $29.95/month for 2 employees and 5GB of data transfers ShareFile has a plan that fits for small businesses. For larger businesses ShareFile has other plans ranging from $59.95/mo to $499.95/mo that include additional features and transfer space.


After using ShareFile for over a year I can say that it is by far my favorite solution for secure data transfers. Their ability to integrate with existing websites, customized branding and great features have made it part of my daily business life. Anyone transferring secure or sensitive data should be using a secure system like this.

Branding Arc is a re-seller of ShareFile services and can help your company get your ShareFile portal setup and implemented into your daily work flow.