Metacorp Case Study

About Metacorp, LLC

Metacorp, LLC is a receivables management firm providing portfolio acquisition, portfolio management, and third-party debt collection services for many different types of creditors. With over 25 years of combined experience, the team builds customized recovery programs to help creditors achieve their performance goals. Metacorp is located in Lockport, New York.

Rodney Giove,
Chief Compliance Officer, Legal Counsel

“Branding Arc takes our vision and who we are as a company and helps us present those elements professionally within our marketplace. Unlike other marketing companies, the team understands and is involved in our industry so they grasp things quickly and put things into words with minimal oversight needed. Logos and websites are important marketing tools but they also matter from a legal and compliance standpoint; the Branding Arc team understands this.”

Professionalism with Style

Branding Arc worked with Metacorp, LLC to develop a new logo and a revamped website. We collaborated to design a style expressive of their creative and professional team. To us, the logo represents the Metacorp leadership– an intersection of several strong business minds working together in synchrony to carry out a vision of growth and diversification, with eyes toward consumers, clients, compliance, and character.

Engaging Content

We continually work with Metacorp to develop meaningful content topics and blog posts to help them use the digital landscape to promote awareness of their services. Branding Arc’s dedicated content writers engage with the team to determine what makes the company unique and create articles that showcase their services and strengths. We leverage a website blog and social media channels to increase engagement and grow the company’s online presence.

Polished Presentation Media

By understanding the team and their vision, we developed a professional presentation deck that is easily shareable with potential clients and partners and unique to their company. We also regularly create consumer information videos for the team to quickly convey important information to consumers. These are embeddable within the company website and provide a multimedia aspect, increasing the mobile convenience for modern consumers. 

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